Friday, April 27, 2012

Old is New Again: Repainted Furniture

Cute pieces found around the web.
What's your take on repainted furniture? I am a huge fan and would love to do more, but unfortunately living in a big city we just don't have the space for a lot of furniture!

I've managed to breathe new life into a couple items in our apartment, but can't wait to move into a house one day and have the space for new and colorful pieces to match our chosen decor!

Here are two that I've repainted, using simple white spray paint or custom-created paint to match another color.

I've had this little glass top metal table for ages - since college. Once I got married, I figured I should tone down the femininity and go for an all white look to match our bedroom. Now it's a great little nightstand!

When Teddy and I moved in together, we needed a second dresser. We found this old wooden one on Craigslist - I sanded and painted it a steel gray that matches my favorite sheets.

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  1. Awesome - great idea! I love your dresser! Jamie :)