Friday, June 22, 2012

For my Best Friend on her wedding day....

Today I am in MI to celebrate the wedding of one of my oldest and dearest friends. I have been thinking a lot about the many years, memories, laughs, and tears that have led to this moment. When she stood beside me at my wedding last year, I am sure she was having similar thoughts. It's hard for me to express how happy and excited I am for her, and all that I'm praying for as she enters into this chapter of life. So, I thought I'd sum it up by just letting her know I'm thinking of her and wishing her every joy this precious time has to offer.

Candy, when Saturday morning comes and your wedding day is finally here, I wish for you.....

The serenity of knowing you have a partner for life, starting now. The most special wedding day, with every eye on you and everyone appreciating how beautiful you are, inside and out. The happiness that comes from knowing the most special person in your world chose you to stand beside forever.The joy of having loving family and friends around you to celebrate this occasion and bless your marriage.

And, most of all, the knowledge that you have a lifelong friend who will be standing beside you and Andy, unable to be any happier for you, remembering all the years that passed that led to this moment, and looking forward to all the years and memories to come.

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  1. Amazing writing, Kelli. You really know how to capture feelings and put them into words beautifully! Have a great weekend! Jamie :)