Sunday, May 6, 2012

Dose of Domestic

"The secret of a happy life is continuous small treats."

This week was a tough one with lots of travel and time away from home. Not a lot of time to work on DIY projects or cook for my little family - I believe each of my meals for the last 7 days was ordered in or eaten out. For those that travel for work, what's your secret for staying somewhat fit??

I spent the week in Orange County and, while I missed Teddy and home, there were lots of little things along the way that brought a smile to my face and made me grateful for my adventures!

Here's a little taste of the things that captured my attention this week:

I've been hearing this song around a bit and find it impossible not to smile when it comes on. Thought I'd share :)

While in CA, my friend hosted me for dinner and showed me these adorable gold brick bookends she makes. You can find them on etsy here for a bargain price - so cute!

Enjoying dinner on a rooftop in Laguna. So beautiful here!

The weekend was a bit dreary in Chicago. Spent Sunday afternoon in a dive bar with Teddy enjoying cocktails and watching the rain. A great way to end the week!

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