Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dose of Domestic

"The secret of a happy life is continuous small treats."

This week was packed - literally filled to the brim - with lots of activities, friends, and enjoying the summer sunshine! Chicago is such a wonderful place when the sun makes an appearance - everyone out and about, friendly people, new places to try. The city comes alive for me in the Summer.

Started the week with an al fresco date night with Teddy where we narrowly escaped getting rained on. Lots of birthdays this week meant quite a few dinners at some great places.

Over the weekend one of my oldest and dearest friends came to visit to celebrate another girlfriend's birthday. Do you ever forget how much you love your friends until you have a fabulous night to remind you? This particular night ended with a full-fledged sing along to Wilson Phillips in the cab on the way to enjoy late-night burritos. I think our cab driver really enjoyed us. Hold on for one more day!

I also worked on some cards for an upcoming bachelorette party and tonight I am tackling roasting an entire chicken for the first time - wish me luck!

Dinner at Sola.
Working on some DIY watercolor stationery - instructions and finished project coming soon!

Enjoyed some sidewalk art and an adorable lemonade stand while walking to brunch.

Creative cocktails at the Violet Hour.

Out and about downtown.

Girls Night!

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  1. Just read this and laughed out loud about the cab ride comment! I had such a great time seeing you. You have inspired me to do a better job on my blog...I promise I will, come summer! :) ~Sar